Day Tour


Duration : 1 DAY
Destination : YANGON
Trip Overview : Myanmar's largest and most vibrant city, Yangon is a place that many visitors to Myanmar pass by all too quickly. Its historical importance as a trading post means that for centuries it has been home to a fascinating melting pot of ethnicities and religions, and it is host to the largest number ...


Duration : 1 Day
Destination : Bagan
Trip Overview : In-between the 11th and 13th century, Bagan flourished as the capital of the 250-year old Pagan Kingdom. During this time the city’s rulers are said to have built over 10,000 religious monuments, including gold-gilded temples, stupas and monasteries. As a result of repeat Mongol invasions and a se...


Duration : One Day
Trip Overview : Compared to the many ancient capitals scattered around the country, Mandalay is in fact a relatively new city, having been built in 1857 when King Mindon was trying to re-establish Burmese prestige after the country’s defeat in the Second Anglo-Burmese War. It was therefore constructed on a grand ...

Inle Lake

Duration : 1 Day
Trip Overview : One of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar has now been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – the first in the country, home to Burma's numerous ethnic minority groups including the Intha and Pa-O people. Known for its gorgeous scenery, cultural handicraft traditions, floating ve...


Trip Overview : This former British station is surrounding by pine trees and tea plantations. It is a good place for day or overnight trekking to hill tribe villages with beautiful views of the Shan hills surrounding in Kalaw. Venture into the mountains and meet the colorfully dressed people of ethnic minority hi...