13 Days Self-Driving Tour


: 13 Days



Trip Overview

: Self-driving tour in Myanmar is a new concept. Take the driving seat to enjoy the nature, culture and meet friendly people of Myanmar at your own speed
Two to three week tours by GPS navigation from your mobile (the vehicle provided does not have GPS) to get you to your destination. You drive through exciting countryside, have the chance to stop in any village, talk to the locals, learn about them, and bring back unique memories and photographs.
At last you have the freedom along the narrow roads of Myanmar to explore the sites that interest you and bring back your unique memories of an amazing road trip. Included in the cost of your tour is all your accommodation, the hiring vehicle without fuel (4x4 Honda CRV ,97/98 Model or any available vehicle depending on your choice of route under our agreement), an accompanied English speaking local guide, sightseeing tours, narrow roads, unforgettable scenery and experiences .

Day 1 Yangon – Golden Rock (182 km /approx. 3 hour 56 mins)

Arrive Yangon. On arrival, we hand over the key of your vehicle that you drive on a predetermined route.
Drive to Bago (84 km - 1½ hours) for some visits and continue to Kin Pun “Base Camp” (110 km - 3½ hours)
Overnight at Kim Pun based camp - 1 night

Day 2 Golden Rock – Hpa An (161 km/ approx. 2 hour 21 mins)

Sunrise visit to the Golden Rock by open truck.
Return to the based camp.
Collect your luggage and drive towards the Kayin State and its sleepy capital of Hpa An that sits on the eastern bank of the Thanlwin (Salween) river.

Overnight in Hpa An - 3 nights

Day 3 Hpa An

Visit Buddha-filled caves and the iconic Mt Zwe Kabin, where Rudyard Kipling drew inspiration for his poem 'Mandalay'.

Day 4 Hpa An – Mawlamyine – Hpa An (57.8 km/approx. 1 hour 19 mins)

Day trip to Mawlamyine. (57.8 km/approx. 1 hour 19 mins)
Explore Mawlamyine's morning market then continue with a drive through the town to take in some of its lovely colonial architecture & nearby small town,Mudon.

Day 5 Hpa An – Taungoo (383 km/approx. 6 hour 4 mins)

On the way to central Burma.
Overnight in Taungoo - 1 night

Day 6 Taungoo – Mandalay (374 km/approx. 4 hour 47 mins)

A drive towards central Burma.
Overnight in Mandalay - 2 nights

Day 7 Mandalay

Visit Mandalay and surrounding

Day 8 Mandalay – Monywa (131 km/approx. 2 hours 41 mins)

Set off a drive to Monywa (150 Km,about 4 hours). Visit picturesque Sagaing Hill which is perhaps the living centre of Buddhist faith in Myanmar today.

Overnight in Monywa - 2 nights

Day 9 Monywa

Visit town attractions & nearby hills such as Pho Win and Shwe Ba .

Day 10 Monywa – Bagan (151 km/approx. 3 hour 11 mins)

Drive towards via A Myint village and a small town of Pakokku.
Overnight in Bagan - 2 nights

Day 11 Bagan

Your discovery in Old Bagan begins with some of the site’s most important monuments

Day 12 Bagan – Naypyitaw (270 km/approx. 4 hour 7 mins)

A drive from the plain to the capital.
Overnight in Naypyitaw - 1 night

Day 13 Naypyitaw – Yangon (368 km/4 hour 52 mins)

A drive from new capital to old capital, Yangon.
Your trip ends here.


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Rules and regulation
Due to the rules and regulations by Ministry of Tourism, you must have international driving license and it is a must to be organized a package by a local travel agent which includes at least accommodation, hiring vehicle and accompanied local guide. It means the local guide will be with you onboard all the time.

How to drive vehicle in Myanmar
Until this day, Myanmar is not fully open for foreign travelers to Self-driving Tour. It’s a new and developing tour program for tour markets till this day though in the future. Even as a tour organizer, The Real Myanmar also affords the high risk for tourist travelers. We got experience on such tour and we hope the one who wants to enjoy self driving tour in Myanmar can suit at least the following conditions. If you cannot come to accord it, we’re afraid we cannot arrange such a tour for you so far.
1.For driver guests should fit the following conditions:
a.driver traveler should have international driving license;
b.have the Myanmar tour visa which is valid in 90 days;
c.driver traveler should between 18-70 years old;
d.driver traveler should suits all the related regulation included but not limited on physical;
2.Confirm the route from/to Yangon.
Self-driving program is still under development and the route should start from Yangon and finish in Yangon. This program is our sample route and please discuss with us in advance if you plan a totally new route and it should be under our agreement.
3 At least 7 days and above of one route;
4 If you are according with our condition, we can plan your tour further in details. Meanwhile, we can recommend the route or customize it based on your requirements.

About agreement and accident
The travel agent will sign tour agreement with you in advance before confirmation. It includes several solve ways about compensation if accident or other conditions happens. When driving vehicle within Myanmar with your international driving license, you should care driving under Myanmar related law’s restriction. Once accident matter happened on road, we just can explain and handle in all based on the judge of Myanmar traffic police and the related traffic road rules. Anyway, drive carefully is the most important thing while you enjoy on road please.

Want a Customised Tour?

Whatever the case is, our team will start crafting a customised trip based on your personal interests and style. Let us know!