3 Days 2 nights trek from Kalaw to Pindaya

Trip Overview

: Kalaw is the most popular trekking destination in Myanmar.

Beginning your trek from the centre of town, you slowly gain altitude as you work your way up towards the elevated plains above Kalaw. Mountains and valleys stretch their way across the landscape. A slight haze softens the view from the dust kicked up by centuries of unaltered agricultural industry.

Although Pindaya is not as known for trekking as Kalaw you can still find great trekking routes around the area, it offers some of the country's best hiking and natural wonders.

To truly experience the area, you will be introduced to our 3 days trek from Kalaw to Pindaya through the hills to ethnic tribes.

Day 1 Kalaw to Thit Yar Pin village

You will be met by your trekking guide at hotel and begin in the direction of Myin Ka village for 1 and half hour.

Explore Myin Ka’s agriculture production and village life. Learn about flower & seasonal plantation growing in this region. Then, another 2 hours trek to Zay Di Kone village where we will make the lunch stop.

Continue 3 hours trek to Thit Yar Pyin village by passing the seasonal crops they grow, which include the leaves used to produce the ubiquitous cheroots.

Arrive at village and overnight. (Lunch , Dinner included)

Day 2 Thit Yar Pin to Yasagyi village

The trek to Pindaya continues with several stops at different tribal villages of Danu, Pa O and Taung Yo.

Along the way,You will gain a fascinating introduction into their culture and the spectacular natural scenery of the surrounding mountains.

your trekking guide will introduce you to the villagers and will show you the traditional ways of life.
After 4 hours trek, a stop at Thit Pot village for leisurely lunch.

Another 3 hour trek to Taung Myint Gyi and take a walk to Yasagyi village for 30 mins in time for sunset from the hill of this village.

Overnight at Yasagyi village (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day 3 Yasagyi village to Pindaya

Continue our last trek towards Pindaya by passing some Danu and Pa O tribes such as Menetaung, Pein Ne Pin and Taung Paw Gyi.

Pass the fields where the Danu cultivate tobacco, tea, damson plums and mangoes.
As you approach the final destination of Pindaya, the descent is rapid and your first glance of the famous limestone caves and the picturque Botoloke Lake.

Putting in the physical effort to reach the picturesque reservoir is a rewarding experience, especially as you reflect on the bewitching scenery you passed through to get there.

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