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Trip Overview

: Myanmar's largest and most vibrant city, Yangon is a place that many visitors to Myanmar pass by all too quickly. Its historical importance as a trading post means that for centuries it has been home to a fascinating melting pot of ethnicities and religions, and it is host to the largest number of colonial-era buildings in Southeast Asia. Today, it has thriving cultural and social scenes.

Giving the sense of a meeting of cultures, local experience , this 2,600 year old structure contrasts with fading British colonial buildings – past which you might see monks strolling in their purple robes, or barefoot local people chewing on their betel nuts.

The Taste of Yangon

Your first leg of Yangon will begin by walking through the city center, taking in the bustling markets and colonial buildings.
Then, a visit to Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, home to an enormous reclining Buddha whose crown is encrusted with diamonds and precious gems before continuing to beautiful Inya Lake for lunch by enjoying the youth relaxing there during their lunch breaks after work or university.
Afterwards drive to your hotel by passing Yangon University & Pyay Road.
After lunch, back to hotel for a relax.
Afternoon return to the city to witness the most sacred Buddhist site in all of Burma—Shwedagon Pagoda. Also known as the Golden Pagoda, the 2,000-year-old hilltop temple complex covers more than twelve acres and dominates the Rangoon skyline.

Discover British-colonial Architecture and riverside town, Dala

Transfer from your hotel to downtown. This fascinating walking tour in Yangon take you to the city’s best examples of British colonial architecture and the windy city streets. Then, take a stroll to local markets offer an insight into local life ,contemporary art galleries, over 100 year old beautiful Rangoon Synagogue to hear the brief history of Burmese Jewish Community and some interesting stories. Return to your hotel for a relax.
Afternoon, continue your tour to rural Dala. Take the ferry about 15 mins from Yangon to Dala with great views of the waterway. Thousands people take the ferry every day connecting Yangon with Dala. Most of them vedors, crossing the river to sell their goods. Upon reaching Dala ,we will discover wonderful town, local workshop and friendly people by trishaw. Then, back to Yangon by observing daily life along the river. This tour is great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of rural life in Yangon. Transfer to hotel.

A short train ride and lunch distribution with nuns

Transfer to train station. A short train ride towards North of Yangon in the suburbs. Observe the activities inside the train equally entertaining to the outside landscapes, local attractions, markets and tiny quarters. Leave the train at North Oakkalar station after 30-40 mins ride. On arrival, witness busy and bustle atmosphere of the morning market where fresh product, fruits and goods are on sales. Then, we visit Nunnery school where more than 50 nuns by trishaw along the narrow & busy streets. On arrival, pay a respect to abbess & participate in an informative discussion with the abbess. Afterwards, observe the nuns preparing their meal and praying before their last meal. Finally, enjoy lunch with nuns. Then, transfer to hotel.
This tour experiences fun & true satisfaction together with nuns.

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