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A charming and laid-back town located high in the hills of Northern Shan State and on the eastern bank of the Dokthawady River Hsipaw’s quiet, dusty streets, traditional buildings & also home for nearby tribes. Hsipaw (pron: see-paw) also boasts one of the bests markets in all Myanmar, with tribal minorities from across the region attending on a regular basis. Certainly no tourist market, the focus is on local produce and a diverse, at time mysterious, range of essential products sourced from across Myanmar as well as China. The market starts as early as 3am and closes equally early. Hhighlights include river cruises, remote Shan monastery and village visits, trekking and even cycling through the almost unworldly picturesque countryside that surrounds Hsipaw. Hamlets litter the countryside, and as the friendly Shan people tend to their daily tasks a wave and smile is always returned two-fold.